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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IS? Anticipation Greater Than The Real Thing? Have You Decided? Epilogue

I was really appreciative of the store clerk's effort to be such a big help too.  I even pointed out as he was ringing me up that there were several bands on the compilation that I didn't recognize.  He seemed perplexed actually stating "I can't imagine why, their all 80's songs"  I smiled and looked at him.  I must have had a peculiar look on my face because he actually figured it out on his own.."oh right! because you're from the states, and those bands probably weren't big over there"  I laughed and nodded.."story of my 80s musical world my dear" I said and we both had a good laugh.

So I think that I did pretty good for 10 British, 16 or so American.  The Sound of the Suburbs CD was only 3.50 British pounds which was about, almost 6 American so I did okay I think.  So far, I've been enjoying them both.  The 100 Hits-80's Pop compilation was produced by a company called Demon Music Group.  They've got quite the selection online if you ever want to go and check them out.  They seem to deal mostly with certain bands, repeating the bands on other compilations but not the songs.  They also have an unusual selection of Ian Drury and the Blockheads music.  Maybe not so unusual, but there is a lot of it available.  So if you are a fan and can't get his albums, that's probably where they all are. (just saying)

All in all I had a great time in Scotland.  Every store I went into had Top 40's music playing, which I recognized none of it unless well you know, it made it across the pond.  I only wish I would have had enough time to really dig deep to find new/old treasures.  Perhaps next time I will allot myself an entire day of music browsing.

One last thing I have to leave you all with.  On the second to last night before our stay was over, my husband took myself, his mum and his brother all out for dinner at the local chip shop.  Everything there is within walking distance where we were so we arrived in no time.  At one point during our meal, my husband and his brother got up and left the table to go smoke, leaving me and Mum there to finish our dinner.  A song came on the overhead system and Mum kind of perked up and said to me.."Is that Take That?"  My mouth opened slightly and then I closed it, thinking both of these things simultaneously.."Mum knows who Take That is?, she's like 70?"  and then "I know absolutely NOTHING by Take That"  I chose to blurt out the latter statement first as opposed to the former.  I think I mentioned something about Robbie Williams being a great singer and was going to leave it there.  She nodded and said.."I'm almost sure that's them.  I like them" she said.."And BoyZone, I like them too" I was faced once again with a musical group that I had only heard of in name and had nothing to contribute.  All I could do was smile and say.."that's pretty cool Mum"  she just shrugged her shoulders and finished her dinner.

Wow..I thought, "Is this going to be me in 20 years?

God I hope so..:)

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