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Thursday, August 18, 2011

IS? Anticipation greater than the real thing? You tell me.

As you can see, I am back from my whirlwind tour of the North East of Scotland or as I like to call it.."How many relatives can you really visit in 10 days or less"  Quite a few actually if you set your mind to it :) 

I was very excited when we finally set foot on Scottish soil, mainly because I knew that in a few days I was going to be visiting one of the best record shops in the whole of Scotland-the famous, or infamous 1UP.  I'd heard tales of the magnificent treasures that awaited me there and I was gathering my thoughts in my head so that I could properly request the music that I was looking for without looking like a blithering idiot.

HA! It didn't work.

No matter how many times I said "I'm looking for slightly or majorly obscure bands from the 80s that possibly came from this area of the United Kingdom or outlying areas therein" I kept getting the same look.  "aroo?"  (Sometimes I honestly thought I was speaking to Scooby Doo himself. ) the reply that followed was thus..."Unless I know the names of the bands I couldn't tell you"  I suppose in retrospect that made some sense, but how am I suppose to know their names if they are OBSCURE???  I was then directed to visit their basement area to have a look there for  period compilations at bargain prices.  So with dread in heart and a heavy sigh of despondence, I walked down the two flights of stairs to find cheaply priced 80s music that I probably had already.

Or did I?

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