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Friday, August 19, 2011

IS? Anticipation Greater Than The Real Thing? You Tell Me Part 3

I really wasn't going to eek this out into a 3-Parter, but I couldn't help myself. (it could be 4 parts, you never know)  My strong desire to be a storyteller took control over my normal sensibility.  What can I say, I'm long winded :)

Nevertheless, the story must continue and having said that, if you recall, I left off on Part 2 with my husband finding me a really groovy 80s compilation.  I must say, it did brighten my spirits. So much so that I was pretty much thinking I was done shopping for music at that point.  I would have been if my stepson would not have said..."you know Mum, HMV across the street has tons of that 80s stuff you like"  I paused in mid stride as we were leaving 1UP and looked at him, a smidge confused. "you mean, there is a place on this earth that willingly caters to my music tastes?" I said with a peculiar grin.  He laughed and shook his head.."they have other stuff there too for regular people"  Regular people?  Am I an oddity now? Not really sure what to do with that, I extended my hand and said.."Lead on good man"

HMV is a very high profile record shop, more-so on the order of FYE or Tower Records for a lack of better examples.  (I don't frequent many large record shops these days, so I'm unfamiliar with their names)  As I was walking in I could feel the gravitational pull towards exactly what I wanted. Or so I thought. It was actually my stepson tugging my arm to hurry me along, apparently I started doing that "tourist thing" as he called it and was walking about aimlessly, mouth a gaped, pointing at things. (Who knew? I thought I was a tourist)

We climbed the escalator and there to my left were all of the compilation albums for just about any decade you could possibly want.  As long as it was in the 50 years :)  I was given a reassuring pat on the shoulder by my stepson a kiss on the cheek by my husband and these instructions "have at it" and away they went to free themselves of my tourist-y ways to do what they pleased. 

I must have looked really super lost, confused or out of place all together, because at one point a very nice young man with glasses came to my rescue and asked "are you finding everything alright?"  I smiled painfully as if someone had asked me how was my trip to the dentist.  "I'm just trying to make a decision here" I said, looking very much as though I was doing just that.  He actually looked eager to be of assistance and made more inquiries such as "any music in particular that you're looking for?" and "any particular artists?"  I nodded on both accounts and blurted out that I was a rabid fan of 80s pop music and how I had a Twitter page and that I was looking for new/old music for my video showcases to which he replied.."that's cool"  I had even mentioned that my username was @80sMusicGirl at one point.  He seemed to appreciate that extra bit of info, or at least he was very good at pretending.

When all was said and done he whirled around a section of the store at blinding speed and produced this little number, smiling all the while, thinking of the brownie points he was totaling up for being such a big help.

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