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Thursday, August 18, 2011

IS? Anticipation Greater than the Real Thing? You Tell Me, Part 2

If you've read the unspoken part 1 of this blog you would right now be thinking, "I wonder what she found downstairs in the bargain basement?"  Amazingly enough, not a whole lot.  Oh I found plenty of 80s compilations that I knew about and some that I didn't know about, but I had no interest in them mainly because I knew all of the artists on them.  I wanted something fresh and uncompromising that I could cherish for years to come.  That wasn't too much to ask was it?  I also wanted to have some groovy tunes to bring back and play on my Saturday Showcases (hee!)

Now I'm not saying that 1UP Records is a horrible place to go by any means.  It's a great store in a fantastic location and the people that work there are very helpful.  I'm just going to assume they were not prepared for that type of brain exercise so soon after lunch.  I was just about to give up hope when my husband and my stepson came romping down the stairs where I was and offered to try and help.  At that point I had no idea what either of them could do and was away to say so when my husband turns around to see what I was searching through and puts his hand on a CD that I had probably passed over at least 3 or 4 times.  Apparently in my stage of disgruntlement I tend to over look things that are staring right at me...(anyone else do that?)  He smiles and says.."did you see this one?" and shoves this CD in my face.

I took it and smiled a bit, trying not to look too disappointed as I began to read the names on the cover.  I get halfway through what I'm reading and I started to actually smile.  I was actually thinking that this one was going to be a bust, but it wasn't.  It was a literal gold mine.  Okay it was a small gold mine, but it was a start. 

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