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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Positively Good Times

So lately I've been reading the blog Walking on Planet C by @nilerodgers.  If you are not familiar with this blog,  Nile discusses his radical surgery in January for prostate cancer and how part of his therapy has been walking.

He talks about the music that he chooses for his walks and how its very important in cancer recovery to stay positive, so the songs he listens to are very upbeat. I sincerely admire that in a person, mainly because I try to remain positive, knowing that life can throw you adversity from time to time.

As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I listen to 80s music is that the majority of it is very upbeat and bouncy and makes you want to dance or bust a move, which in turn gives your spirit a boost of elation and makes things around just that much more tolerable.

So kudos to you dear @nilerodgers.  Even though you are Walking on Planet C, you are choosing to take the high road.

Me? I will keep listening to my 80s tunes.  #NowPlaying-Celebrate by Kool and the Gang.

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