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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kajagoogoo Versus Limahl Part 3

Bands Reunited was an interesting program that Vh1 put together to bring together some of the bands from the past that either broke up due to personal reasons, or for most part, couldn't continue on any longer in the music business, because well, no one wanted to either see them in concert or buy their records or both.  My favorite episodes were ABC, The English Beat, Haircut 100,  Flock of Seagulls and Kajagoogoo.  If you go on Wikipedia, you can actually see which episodes they had and whether or not they actually reunited.  I do believe I recorded the episodes with A Flock of Seagulls and Kajagoogoo and still have them on VHS somewhere (my kids tease me about still having a VCR, the nerve right?)

The episode with Kajagoogoo was very good, it had suspense and comedy, tension and bit of disagreement. All the guys looked great still, you can tell they had been taking care of themselves. Everyone got together and started reminiscing and the ultimate question was asked.."WHAT HAPPENED?"  I was shocked to find out that Limahl didn't leave, he was fired. Why may you ask? Well I guess the band was headed in a different direction with Limahl as their front man and they weren't too happy about it. (can you say boy band?)  I'm sure it was a tough decision at the time, especially when you really believe it's the right thing to do.

So what genre of Pop music would Kajagoogoo been labeled  had they never made songs with Limahl? That might be a difficult question and no I personally won't try to answer it either.  Kajagoogoo by themselves has a bit of an edge to their lyrics about life and danger, and the streets and things like that.  Kajagoogoo with Limahl however,  has songs that speak of love and loss and relationships.  Personally if you put them both together on an album you get an even balance, kind of like a good lemonade-not too tart, not too sweet. Perhaps they were meant to be together all along.  It's funny how hindsight is 20/20. I think it's really cool that even though they are all doing projects separately, that they can come together for a concert every so often and make the magic.

Since I've been writing this particular blog I've had opportunity to get the CD White Feathers, to go along with my original CD I purchased The Very Best of Kajagoogoo and Limahl.  I wanted to get the full affect of who both entities were individually and collectively. I've also ordered Limahl's solo album and Islands is on order as well.  One would think I should have a pretty well rounded perspective by the time I'm done listening to everything.

EXCEPT;  recently I was on YouTube and found a video of a song from 2009 called Space Cadet, which lead to several other CD's that I had no idea existed. *BREAKING NEWS* the CD that I purchased on Amazon, thinking it was a Limahl solo album, is really a compilation of His stuff, and The Goo's stuff with Limahl singing everything! I don't know if anyone has it, I would think any Goo fan would want this in their collection but its called All the Hits Plus More. It apparently was compiled in 2005. So NOW I still have to find Limahl's solo album. WOW!

Let me tell you, keeping up with any band can be hard work and I may or may not have everything that I would like to own that's has to do with The Goo, but let's just say  that I'm up for the challenge. This is 80sMusicGirl saying, Ciao For Now!

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