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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Love of 80s Music, Part 3

The funny thing is, it wasn't even me that purchased my first CD online.  It was my husband and he bought me Hunting High and Low by Aha for my birthday.  I was excited and hesitant at the same time because I didn't want to not like the album if that makes any sense.  Every fiber of my being was hoping that Aha wasn't the one hit wonders that VH1 had professed them to be.  As it happens, they were wrong.  Very wrong. Because if I listened to that album once in a day I listened to it a hundred times. That was it, I was hooked.  From then on I searched Amazon, E-bay, Half.Com and who ever declared they had the music I was looking for.  The Cure, The Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen, etc.  I was in heaven.  And with the sudden resurgence of 80's music due to the VH1 show Bands Reunited, it was a lot easier to find them here in the states too. You would be surprised how many closet Kajagoogoo lovers there are out there.

I have no idea how many CD's of 80s music I have at last count.  Some one actually gave me a DVD of 1,000 best songs of the 80's one year for my birthday.  So apparently they have a bigger collection than I do, which I think is really awesome.  And you know what? I'm always finding new bands and songs, that I had no idea even existed during that time.  I love finding new/old music. 

Well that's my story.  Now you know why I started this page and the blog.  Everything else after this will be just history retelling itself. Lots of trivia and fun facts.

And before anyone asks, I have nothing against the 80s music that was made here in the US.  Heck, we gave the 80s some of the best music ever!  In fact I plan on doing a special blog just on Hair Bands.  I know, you just can't wait. :)

Ciao for Now ;)


  1. Rosemarie, what a great start to your blog. I am looking forward to hear more of your thoughts on the music we all love. Myself, the 80's represents over a third of my digital library (5600 out of 14800 tunes, and still growing). It will always be my favorite decade for music as that's when I went through high school,college, my first job and ended with getting married.

  2. Just read your "My Love of 80s Music" posts and loved them! It's a pity, though, you discovered this music after a decade... Living the 80s was... simply fun! And listening to all those new bands was so exciting!! My fav one was and is Spandau Ballet. Just love them and know aaaaalll their songs. I was thrilled to bits when they announced their reunion and managed to get tickets to see them perform here in Barcelona a year ago. OMG!!! They were amazing!! I dearesay it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to!!! You should try to get their DVD at the O2 Arena in London. I'm sure you'll love it.
    BTW, what do you think of Duran Duran's new album? Have you seen them live yet? I've heard they're playing over the US, aren't they?
    Ciao for now!