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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Love of 80s Music, Part 2

The 80s came and went and we entered into a decade of the unusual.  The 90s.  Musically I think the 90s had quite a few gaps in it until Grunge came along and then there was a smattering of some of the electronica that was reinventing it self from the 80s and of course Alternative.  Now I don't want anyone in particular that had a favorite music genre from the 90s say.."but hey? what about Goth? or What about Death Metal?" I'm just giving the 90s a collective nod as a decade, not as a history lesson.

Now where was I.  Oh yes, the 90s.  Quite a few of the bands that I liked in the 80s, had disbanded and moved onto other things by this time. VH1 and MTV seemed to begin to focus on more mature programming such as Behind the Music and Singled-Out, gone were the all-nighters pulled so you could catch your favorite video and record it. Times they were a-changing with new and different things to occupy our time.  They were called computers and they had World Wide Web.

The internet snowballed into the American Culture like a stampede of wild buffalo.  Everyone who was anyone had a computer, had AOL and waited 30 minutes to connect to the Web so that they could "surf" until their hearts content.  But what would you look for?  What Could you look for? Anything and everything.  News, Sports, Games, Entertainment, Movies, Shopping, you name it, the internet had it.

We loved our computers and we loved the internet.  We found lots of stuff to do there and there never seemed to be enough hours in a day.  It wasn't until I actually got one of my own that I discovered something unusual.  If you found a search engine and asked it a question, it gave you an answer.  Well not like a grammatically correct answer, but it gave you suggestions and links to answers.  In 2001, I had had enough of searching in small record stores and thrift shops and even garage sales.  Everything I wanted was on vinyl and I no longer owned a turntable.   I still had a cassette player, but quite a few of the tapes I purchased from the 80s were warped and unplayable.  I finally broke down and turned to Internet to see what I could find.

To Be Continued...

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