Friday, June 27, 2014

Love Me Don't?

So there I was, sitting in my bed, doing the recuperating thing and I started to think about how busy my day had been, what with doctor appointments and the like, so I launched off into Hard Days Night by The Beatles. It just so happens that I wasn't the only one in the room at the time. My cat Noah was as well. He promptly left.

Do I offend? I asked after him. Now I know he loves classical music, you know the greats Bach, Beethoven and Brahms and he digs 80s music.  And before you even think it!, he adores my singing...:)

But I wondered what was his beef with the Fab Four...

I pride myself on few lover and cat lover being two of the few.  I'm still learning about cats and oddly enough music also.  I never actually knew that cats liked music, but apparently there have been studies to prove that you can use music as therapy for cats that have certain neurological diseases such as FHS. Now I'm not saying that Noah has any diagnosed disease, but he has been known to suffer from Idontgiveadamnitus and ohyesineedanothernap syndrome*.  Some times music helps to facilitate these varied instances in Noah's day to day goings on and usually it's classical masterpieces.

Say now for instance, we are listening to Schubert and he is sound asleep. I'm literally right next to him at the computer desk typing away and he is sound asleep.  Bless his heart.

How do I know he digs 80s Music?  The day that I was listening to @True80sRadio and tweeting it to Twitter, he was in my lap most of the time.  At some point I would start to sing along with one of the tracks and he would look up at me and rub his head on my face.  I don't know about you but that was all the evidence I needed.  Any one have any other speculations please forward them to me in triplicate on embossed paper sealed with wax from a candle made by monks in the Himalaya's.  I'll wait ;)

But last night was different. He had been laying out side of the bedroom door and when he finally decided to come in, I had already launched off into Hard Day's Night.  I had finished the first verse and turned to smile had him and all I saw was the tip of his tail as he was leaving.  Imagine how stymied I was! I thought everyone loved The Beatles, or at least tolerated them for musical posterity's sake.

But cats are independent and strong willed and if they could speak you would hear what ever they felt like saying, when ever they felt like saying it.  Now wouldn't that be like living with a big bowl of hell flavored ice cream! I probably shouldn't sound so harsh, I'm sure they would have nice things to say too. (right?)

But I digress.

I thought I might conduct an experiment, so I am going to now go to the YouTube channel and pull up Hard Day's Night and see what he does.  Wish me luck :)  Okay, muting the television and here we go....

He's lying with his head upside down covering one ear. Hmm.  I need more stimuli.  I wonder if I change the song if that would help.  Playing Ticket to Ride.  Hasn't moved a muscle.  Interesting.  Okay going to give it one more song and then I'm throwing in the towel...

I played two more songs, just so I can get a clear idea of what he liked or didn't like. Love Me Do and I Wanna Hold Your Hand. He still has not moved.  That's a cat for you.  Profess something unusual about him to the world and he proves you wrong every time!

Okay so.  What have we learned today?  Cats are groovy, strong willed independent creatures with mythical like powers and minds of their own.  Classical music is groovy to some cats.  The Beatles are groovy, but we knew that and well 80s music is just groovy period.  There now, lesson over for today, Class dismissed!

*The aforementioned fake diseases is by no means listed to make light of  FHS in any way.  If you believe that your cat has FHS or feline hyperesthesia syndrome please seek the medical advice of a veterinarian immediately. Not only will you save your cat's life but you will make his life that much more tolerable. Here is the link that explains it all:

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