Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Who? (From 2013)

Hello All,  This is a blog that I started back in 2013 and somehow never finished, I thought I would post it as is and the conversation alone is kind of how my life goes as a whole.  Enjoy!

I recently had the pleasure nay privilege to have witness one of 80s music greats.  If you have ever seen any Brat Pack film from the 1980s and ever owned any of the soundtracks, this band is right up there with Psychedelic Furs, Simple Minds and The English Beat.


I'm speaking about they who are Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark.  You probably know them better as OMD.  If you know them at all.  I would love to think that everyone knew who they were, but that would be wishful thinking and that's a completely different band. (I crack me up)


This is an actual conversation that I had with a young lady while I was waiting for the box office to open.

Nice Young Lady:  Excuse me Ma'am, what time does the box office open?

Me:  10 minutes ago (laughs a bit)

Nice Young Lady:  Oh lol, I guess they are late.  (Pause)  So who are you going to see tonight?

Me:  OMD.

Nice Young Lady:  Who?

Me: Um..OMD,  from the 80s, they had some big hits.  Perhaps you've seen the movie Pretty In Pink?

Nice Young Lady:  Oh yeah, my mom is always trying to get me to watch that stuff.

Me:  Ahh..well maybe someday (both laugh a bit)  So who are you here to see?

Nice Young Lady:  Oh------(about 5 different bands that I'd never heard of at another venue for some dance festival of some kind)  

Me: Hah! My turn...Who?  (both laugh again)


Some how I knew I wasn't going to get through to her no matter what, but you know that's okay.  She wasn't the only one that didn't know who they were.  Quite a few of my contemporaries were unfamiliar with the name as well.  Oh they knew the songs but didn't realize that's who sung them.  Most of them anyway, I will give credit where credit is due..and none where it's not, lol

Fast forward to 2016 and I am still explaining to people who different bands are from the 80s.  My children have since latched on to the fact that I am a permanent fixture in that amazing decade and now every time there is a song on the radio that someone has either covered, sampled or remixed, I get the standard question "Mom, was this a song from the 80's" and I usually respond, "yes", "no", not even close"  


I really don't mind it actually, the whole, explaining who someone is to someone who's never heard them before, it makes me feel as though I am a historian, passing on vital music information to the generations.  Either that or I have an abundance of useless information swimming around in my head waiting for the next recycle bin dump.  

I hope it comes soon,  At my age, I can use all the free brain space I can get.

Ciao for Now ;)