Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who Dat When I Say Who Dat?

My most recent CD acquirement (is that a word?) was from the same people who brought you 100 Hits 80's Pop.  This CD collection,  which is not quite as popular as its predecessor does have quite a few more bands on it that I've not heard of so I decided to make a list of all the bands combined, to see if anyone else had a difficult time recognizing them also..(redundant? I think not)

The title of this album surprisingly enough is 100 Hits 80s 100 Classic Tracks of the Decade.  I was a bit confused as to which genre of 80s music it was as the other box sets were listed as Dance, Pop, Rock and Pop and Rewind.

Be that as it may...and with out further ado, I shall list the bands and their tunes in the order in which I did not recognize them.  Just kidding, I will just list them:

Princess-Say I'm Your Number (must be a bingo fan)
Pat & Mick-I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet (must be really exhausted)
Sabrina-Boys or the more popular version (Summertime Love with scantily clad bikinis in the video)
Fuzzbox-Pink Sunshine (i got nothing)
Voice of The Lattisaw-Jump to the Beat (still trying to get past the band name)
Desireless-Voyage Voyage (ahoy there?)
The Reynolds Girls-I'd Rather Jack-(what? cars? airplanes?)
Errol Brown-Personal Touch (must be talking about sex)
Blue Zoo-Cry Boy Cry (nope, got nada with this one too)
Then Jericho-Big Area (follow up albums?-  large spaces and huge terrain?)
Matt Bianco-Get Out of Your Lazy Bed (a motivational speaker in his past life perhaps?)
Snowy White-Bird of Paradise (must be a side gig, princess by day/singer by night)
The Cool Notes-In Your Car (don't remember much of the song, I wonder why)
Mai Tai-History (actually the only thing that I get from a Mai Tai is a hangover, must be it drinking wrong)
Stock Aitken Waterman-Roadblock (sounds like a law firm, or an account firm or something not like a band)
Monyaka- Go Deh (Go to the Top) (or go learn some English? I don't know)
Steve Arrington-Feel So Real (self explanatory)
Hot Streak-Body Work (fitness guru perhaps?)
Simon Harris-Bass (how low can you go) (as low as I need to before I keel over? what a question!)
London Boys-London Nights (with London Girls perhaps?)
The Belle Stars-The Clapping Song (resurfacing itself once again in a VW commercial well done girls)
The Look-I Am The Beat (well you must keep really busy then)
Hazell Dean-Love (pretty succinct and to the point I think)
Red Box-For America (this is actually a good song)
Taja Seville-Love is Contagious (I'm not sure that's true. Measles..the measles are contagious, definitely)

So that's the most recent CD box set I purchased, I will have to write another blog to include the first one.  Who knew a 5 disc box set could take up so much time.  Yeah I know, it's a crap excuse but its the best one I have and I'm running with it.

Ciao for Now ;)