Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Great Song. But What The Hell Does It Mean???

Okay, I love obscurity as much as the next person, but hidden meanings in songs have never been my forte.  There are so many great songs from the 80s that it would seem it would be difficult to choose which are my favorites.  Well I honestly can tell you that some of them that are my favorites are purely accidental. Mainly because I don't get them.  Yes that's right, those wonderful songs that you hear that leave you thinking>>um..what?

Now I know we can't ALL be like Morrissey, putting our normal everyday lives to music.  It's truthfully not as easy as it looks.   In contrast, songwriters feel like they need to take us waaaaaaayyyyy down deep in the cockles of their psyche to figure out what the blazes they are talking about.  I don't know about you, but I'm not going there.

Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles- Huh?  What the hell does dropping drinks and cops eating doughnuts have to do with Egypt?  Is it a metaphor?  Sorry you lost me.  Still its a great song because it's fun and easy to dance to.  Oh and there's a crap load of celebs and regular people in it too..nice touch girls.

I Just Died In Your Arms-Cutting Crew- Okay, this doesn't sound romantic at all, it's quite disturbing actually. "must have been something you said" What? Die Bastard?! Was that it?  It's quite a haunting and dramatic song which musically has its synth pop merits.  Will definitely keep it in the iTunes queue.

Any Song by Duran Duran!-Go ahead and pick one, (I dare you)  and I will admit to not getting it. My husband, Lord bless him tells me that they are all about sex.  I would like to believe that so that my brain doesn't hurt after listening to Hungry Like the Wolf or even better The Reflex.  Ordinary World could possibly be added to that list if I wanted to push the issue. Truthfully Ordinary World makes far more sense just as long as you don't watch the video.  (I plan on re-making it BTW, just on that principle alone)

I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls-Hey I get it..she has auburn hair and tawny eyes, that imagery is enough to scare the hell out of anyone, so yeah Run Dude! I think that they missed the mark on that one and should have recorded it in the the 60's and made it a psychedelic tune that you can trip to acid with.  Unless people were still dropping acid in the 80s and it worked just as well..??? (Shoot me a DM if you know the answer to that one ;))

Well there you have it, that's it for now.   Let me know if you think of anymore.  I would love to go on a personal journey with you to the unknown.  Not for very long mind you, I've only got so many brain cells left.

Now that I am at the end of my rant, I will leave you with some videos of just a few more of the most confusing songs that I have probably ever heard from the 80s.  Ta!

Man In Motion-John Parr
Sledgehammer-Peter Gabriel
Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung