Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Very Best of Survivor!

And they were not kidding.  I was very excited about the arrival of this album, mainly because I honestly thought I knew all the hits. I wasn't even close.  Here is a picture of the CD that I received recently.

Here are the songs that are on the CD, and hopefully you will be as surprised as I was :)

1. Take You On A Saturday
2. Burning Heart
3. Poor Man's Son
4. High On You
5. Is This Love
6. The Search Is Over
7. You Know Who You Are
8. I Can't Hold Back
9. Summer Nights
10. Ever Since The World Began
11. She's A Star
12. Eye Of The Tiger
13. Caught In The Game
14. Santa Ana Winds

The best part about this particular CD that is an extra enhancement for me is it comes from this: Sony/Legacy's 2009 budget-line collection-Playlist.  This is a very good quality produced CD and it is Eco-Friendly which is a plus, no big bulky CD case. No liner notes?  Yes there are, they are actually embedded on the CD in a PDF.   How clever is that?  I'd say very.

All in all I think I got more than my money's worth.  And if I decide that I like some of the songs on one particular album I can just hop on iTunes or Amazon and sift through that album to see if I like it all or just the "hit" that I heard on this one.  (that's another feature on the CD,  it tells you what album the song is from)  I know record companies have been doing that for years, but hey, I amuse easily ;)  

So if you are wondering what to do on one of those hot "Summer Nights"  "You Know Who You Are"  ;)  invest a bit of time and look straight into the "Eye of the Tiger and grab your self a disc full of The Very Best of Survivor.  You will then see that "The Search Is Over"

Ciao For Now!


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