Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Latest Music-The Fixx, One Thing Leads to Another-The Greatest Hits


1. One Thing Leads to Another
2 . Red Skies
3. Less Cities, More Moving People
4 . Secret Separation
5. Deeper and Deeper - (previously unreleased)
6 . Letter to Both Sides, A
7. Sunshine in the Shade
8 . Saved by Zero
9. Stand or Fall - (live)
10 . Are We Ourselves?
11. Sign of Fire, The
12 . Built for the Future - (previously unreleased)
I never got to hear much about this band in its hey day :) But I will say whenever I did hear them on the radio or on the television, I always made sure I took the time to listen.  I think they had a lot to say and were vocally and musically very equipped to say it.  Thank you to @mbaschWTOP for bringing them back to my remembrance :) and making me want to listen to them more.  It's a great album.

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