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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Please Don't Read This Blog!

HA! Caught you! You know you wanted to read this blog.  But isn't that always the way it is? It is an inert desire in us to do the opposite of what is either suggested, advised or popular.  Hence this blog.

Now I know you have a favorite 80s song and YOU know you have a favorite 80s song.  I honestly believe that you sincerely want to tell me or someone or everyone,  I don't think it's a totally unreasonable request.  You have favorites and you know it! Tell Me!!!!

Okay now that I am calmer ;) I actually have a reason why I want to know. As some of you may know I am working on my very first album.  Its a long time coming and perhaps I may be past my prime as far as being a rock star, but I'm not aiming for rock star status. I am aiming for "I want to make an album" status.  I think I'm headed in the right direction.

With the love of the 80s as my guide I really feel sincerely that I should do an album of nothing but 80s covers. Ten songs that personified the 80s for everyone.  I want it felt the world over, and I want the input of all of my followers everywhere, young and old, black or white, rich or not so rich, butcher, baker, candlestick maker.  I will leave no stone un-turned.  I will go out into the REAL world if I have to.  And that's scary enough, so have mercy people!

So here is my pitch: You tell me what your favorite 80s song is and why.  I will go through the hundreds of responses (here that? hundreds!) and pick my favorites and when it comes time to do the acknowledgements on my album I will include the names of those that contributed, but showcase the ones that I picked.  Sound fair?

Oh did I mention that I was actually going to sing these songs? Yeah! that's the fun part about making an album that you and your friends like, they pick the songs and you sing them, kind of like playing Russian roulette karaoke. (I'm not the only one that's ever played that am I?)

So let's get out that vinyl, those cassettes and dust off those CD's and submit your answers today! I would like to get started working on this by the beginning of next year! Leave a comment, shoot me a DM but hurry, time's a wasting.

If you have any questions at all, please review the above statement. I will be posting songs that I have worked on in the past on YouTube here within the next few weeks so that you can hear what I sound like.  Hurry and get your answers in and you might get a free album!  How's that for a carrot!

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