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Thursday, January 12, 2012


"Hey! Do you want to know what I wanna do? I wanna go back in time"

Those are the opening lyrics to one of the best pop songs I've heard in a really long time. 

The new single is 1983,  by none other than Limahl himself.

I honestly can't remember when I've been so excited about something.  This may be an exaggeration but really, only I would know that.  The minute I heard it I knew that I had to have it.  It is to me the quintessential dance tune that can move the stubbornest of non-movers.  The more I listen, the more I wanted to listen and the more I want to listen, the more I wished I was on a dance floor choreographing the best dance number since Thriller.  It inspired me that much.  Sound unbelievable?,  probably, but hey, those who know me don't call me Pollyanna for nothing.

There are 6 versions of 1983, a little something for everyone.  There are the Clouds and Coffee versions, one for radio play and one that is extended..very nice.  There are the two Tom Moroca Remixes, one is extended play and the other is the radio play.  These latter two I felt were a must for any hard-core clubber that wants more beat and less lyrics.  The next one is the Original Radio Version, very upbeat and poppy keeping your foot-tapping and your body swaying, the way pop songs should.  And finally my personal favorite, the Acapella version, except for some added vocals to fill the chorus, this version is all Limahl, singing in the smooth and silky style that has made him well known throughout the world. No beats, no music.  Its heaven.

What? That's it? No back story? No history?  Hey, I didn't write the song I just really love it.  I know that Limahl has done several radio interviews since the release, so you might want to go to his website and check them out or follow him on Twitter to keep posted on the happenings.  Me personally I want it to be a world wide phenomenon.  But here again this is Pollyanna talking :)  1983 is available for MP3 download on, (UK residents only), and iTunes.  Get yours today, I highly recommend it. 

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  1. Rosemarie, enjoyed your review. It is great when a song comes into your life that just instantly "fits". I love that feeling. This is one of those tracks.