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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Duran Duran CD Collection

I've been really excited lately about acquiring more CD's for my Duran Duran Collection.  I want to focus on the main studio albums first and then work my way into the numerous compilations and DVDs.  This past Friday I went to my local record store and purchased Decades for a dollar.  The guy that runs the place knows I'm always on the lookout for  80s music and does his best to find it for me..He's so awesome. 

Last night in the mail, I received Arena which is supposed to be their "live" album from concerts all over the world.  Although some of it sounded live and lot of it didn't which is neither here nor there in my opinion.  I'm sure it bums some people out, but I'm not bothered ;)

I had to reorder the Wedding Album because the last two songs on it didn't play.  I got a prompt refund from Amazon and used it to buy another copy..Fingers Crossed eh?

Now, I am patiently waiting for 7 and the Ragged Tiger. I'm really interested in hearing this one..the title alone is intriguing enough..I don't think I will be disappointed. 

There are quite a few more that I've put on order, I just can't seem to remember what they are.  I know that I'm in the market for Notorious and All You Need is Now, but there are a couple more I would like to get before them.

That's pretty much it today..I'm going to need another desk here soon to keep all of my music on, but hey, that's why I come to work every day..Take care all,


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