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Thursday, May 2, 2013

George Michael

So I felt like blogging a bit today so here goes.

My topic today is George Michael. 

To me, George Michael is the whole package. He has a great voice, he can dance, he is musically adept and he is very handsome.

Because it was the 80s, I could hazard a guess that I appreciate the latter more than the actual attributes that made him a superstar.  Pure speculation though.

I was perusing through YouTube this morning, looking for something to listen to and I found that several subscribers had uploaded his Faith album, in its entirety.  So I gave it a listen.  Mind you I don't listen to George Michael as a solo artist as often as I listen to Wham! so I had forgotten some of his bigger hits like Faith, Father Figure, and a personal favorite One More Try.  I also found a very interesting track on there called Hand to Mouth which I was very impressed with.


That's pretty much it, I'm glad I decided to listen to it today, it brought back some nice memories and reminded me why I love the music that I do.  Of course hearing George Michael singing I Want Your Sex wasn't bad either :P (I'd forgotten that was 9 minutes, because it was parts 1 and 2)

Not sure what to listen to this afternoon.  There is a Flock of Seagulls album on there, I might listen to that :)

Have a great day everyone, remember to keep real and keep it 80s ;)

Ciao For Now


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