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Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome to The Pleasuredome

I was not very familiar with Frankie Goes to Hollywood other than the usual songs, Two Tribes and the ever popular Relax.  So imagine my amazement when I finally listen to their first album Welcome To the Pleasuredome. Not only did they have the notable hits as the a fore mentioned, but there were also covers!  3 to be exact if I'm not mistaken "quickly looks at song list"  Yes there are 3.  That I know of any way, there could be more but I don't recognize any of them.  I'm sure someone will set me straight on that later.

War-excellent version and arrangement, really like that narrative in the background.
Born to Run-Wow! gutsy choice of songs to cover, I really think I like this version more than the Boss's
San Jose-Okay not sure why it was chosen, but it is one of my favorite Bossa nova type songs.  They even kept the same feel to it which was quite nice.

At first when I listened to the album, I was really dead set against the title track Welcome To The Pleasuredome, mainly because its like 15 mins long.  But truthfully in hindsight, if you listen to it in it's entirety, it goes by pretty quickly, kind of like an ambiance new age kind of Enya without the chanting.  Oh wait, I think there was a little chanting..

All in all I really enjoyed listening to the album.  Holly Johnson and the guys are high octane at its finest and it's displayed in their songs.  I hope if you haven't already, you get an opportunity to give this gem a listen.

Oh, and one more thing.  If you can, check out the artwork inside the liner notes, very creative.  I especially like the quote about Andy Warhol.

Ciao For Now...xx

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